How can GFX help you succeed?

GFX offers exactly what you need to trade like an institutional trader because as you should know by now retail traders lose and Institutional traders win. This is not just our opinion but a fact backed up by numbers. Over 80% of retail traders just lose their money to institutional traders with better access to information.

Big Interbank Account

Retail traders trade with small accounts at market makers who possibly cheat them. Institutional traders trade with large accounts and get Direct Market Access (DMA) into the Interbank market. We will give you 95% of that trading account that you need and we will connect you with a DMA partner that will help you grow and make money.

Bank Forecasts

We will give you the best tool of all..., information! We will give you the forecasts from the top 30 investment banks on a wide range of currencies for the next 4 quarters. You will notice how most banks have similar forecasts and that currencies tend to move in the direction that these institutional giants want them to.

Usable News

Retail traders waste their precious time reading Forex news from the mainstream Forex websites and it doesn't help them one bit. Institutional traders read news that they can use to make smart trading decisions and GFX will give you access to this information previously only accessible to institutional traders.

 About GFX

About GFX

Who are we? Simply put, GFX is the future of Forex.

With all the tools retail traders have access to nowadays it is no surprise many profitable retail traders are born. There has been weeks at TDMarkets, a leading broker, where over 90% of traders are profitable. You even have signal groups like providing retail traders profitable signals for free or very cheap.

Why is it then that so many of these traders are still working and only trading part-time? They are making 5 or 10 or even 20% per month, which even Warren Buffet can’t achieve these kind of returns. What makes them different and more importantly why are they not trading full-time and living an extraordinary lifestyle?

Retail Forex traders are mostly self-taught. Sure a few of them studied at reputable Forex training institutions like Market Traders Institute or Global Forex Institute, but the majority of retail Forex traders today tried to study with one or more of these “Forex Schools” where even the teachers don’t have the results. They learnt nothing and proceeded to search for answers online in a self-taught way and a few years later the persistent ones became successful Forex traders. They are getting great results and some are even doubling their accounts weekly, yet very few actually become successful full-time millionaire traders.

The problem is that if you don’t have money and you are a $10 trader you can’t survive on your trading alone. Even if you double your account every week you will only have $10 to spend a week and your account will never grow. You need money to make money. WE ARE THE MONEY. We make the world go round and we can definitely make your world go round.

In short, we are the bridge between an okay living and an extraordinary lifestyle for the thousands of traders out there. We are the ingredient these traders need. We are the answer for the $10 trader. WE ARE FOREX. We fund retail Forex traders and give them what they need. We give retail Forex traders money to trade with and that is the difference between a $10 forex trader and a multi-million dollar Forex trader. Money..., it makes the world go round and without it even the best forex trader in the world will just be a good $10 trader.

Are you a retail Forex trader in need of funds to trade? Tired of being a $10 trader? Or are you a semi-pro trader, but your lifestyle eats most of your profit and even though you make good % returns every week, you don’t seem to see your account growing. We are here to help you. That is what we do and we are what we do.

Join GFX today. It is totally free and we will give you up to $100,000 to trade with and you keep 50% of all profits. The future of Forex trading is here. The future is GFX.

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Albert Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
Millionaire Forex Trader
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Tonya Garcia
Made a million in the last year
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Linda Guthrie
About to hit $1 million after 6 months

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