GFX is here to help you, the Forex trader, succeed. We will fund 95% of your account up to $100,000 and then we will give you the tools you need to succeed. No we will not provide you with technical analysis based systems that retail traders swear by even though 80% of them lose money trading. Institutional players don’t trade like that. We use big accounts and we use advance info to make trading decisions and we will give you the same. On our site you can access the bank’s forecasts from the 30 top investment banks plus articles describing upcoming trades directly from the traders at these top institutions. This is what works and this is why we can fund 92% of retail traders that apply with us for funding.

Any Forex trader can apply for funding right here right now. You can apply for a small amount or for a big amount, even up to $100,000. Please enter your details in this application form if you are a Forex trader wishing to get funds to trade.

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 You will be assigned an account manager when you apply and he or she will handle your application and report back to you. The process only takes 7 working days. Please note that if accepted, you will be required to provide 5% and GFX will provide 95%, of the value of your new account. All profits and losses are split 50/50. Your liability is limited to the 5% that you invested so you can not lose more than the 5% that you invested. Your profits are not limited in anyway.

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